Contoh Soal Irregular Verb beserta Jawabannya

Verb atau kata kerja adalah part of speech yang paling sering digunakan dalam kalimat bahasa Inggris. Verb juga memiliki banyak sekali perubahan bentuk, misalnya participle, verb1 verb2 verb3, verb+ing, regular & irregular, dan verb+s/es.

Nah, pada kesempatan kali ini, kita akan melihat contoh soal irregular verb dalam bahasa Inggris. Ayo kita kerjakan bersama dan lihat berapa skornya ya!

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Soal Latihan Regular dan Irregular Verb

Change the verbs to its proper form!

  1. Jimmy walked to school today. Rebecca _____(drive) her car. Alison _____(ride) her bicycle. Andy _____(take) the bus.
  2. When Anthony slipped on the floor yesterday, he _____(fall) down and _____(hurt) his leg. His leg is very painful today.
  3. I didn’t have any money this past three days that my friends _____(lend) me enough so I could pay for my meals.
  4. We all had a good trip to the zoo last week. We _____(feed) some tigers, lion, and also a black jaguar.
  5. Sandra _____(leave) her home in a hurry this morning because she overslept. That’s why she _____(forget) to bring her books.
  6. Alicia called 911 yesterday because someone _____(steal) her bicycle while she was in the grocery store, she looks so sad now.
  7. The kids _____(draw) pictures of their parents in art class yesterday.
  8. I am not feeling good. Yesterday I _____(feel) terrible, but I’m feeling better today though I still need some rest.
  9. We went shopping yesterday and _____(buy) some fruits and vegetables.
  10. I broke my mother’s favorite vase this morning. It _____(fall) on the floor and _____(break) into a some pieces.
  11. My cat isn’t very friendly right now. Even, yesterday she _____(bite) my neighbor’s hand. Fortunately, my dog is too old and doesn’t have sharp teeth to hurt my neighbor.
  12. Last night I _____(hear) my dog barking loudly around 2 am, so I _____(get) up to get investigate.

-Good Luck-


  1. Drove, rode, took
  2. fell, hurt
  3. lent
  4. fed
  5. left, forgot
  6. stole
  7. drew
  8. felt
  9. bought
  10. broke
  11. bit
  12. heard, got

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